Wednesday, February 05, 2014

One of those scariest nightmare

Last night, I dreamt of my son. In my dream, he recognizes everyone, except ME.

I kept mouthing to him "I'm your mama, MA-MA, MAAA-MAA, MA-MA"

Still he shows his clueless look like as if I'm a stranger to him.

That gotta be the scariest and saddest dream I ever had ever since I became a mother.
Guess I'm suffering from separation anxiety.
I hate you work!

Thursday, January 30, 2014


#hashtags can be #pretty #annoying but its being used a lot nowadays on #socialmedia.

You know what I meant just by reading my one sentence above on how #annoying it can get. Fine! I better stop with the #hashtags. Yes #stopwiththehashtags for now.


Frankly, I don't exactly know what #hashtags are for. Yes, I am quite an Aunty in social media. The fact that I still use blogger is another good example. I remember #hashtags are being used to make a certain 'something' trending. Well, who cares since I don't really use it.

But yeah, #HASHTAGS, you-are-so-annoying.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A yearly affair.

So i was reading my last post. I kinda like it. It was short, sweet and basically summarized what i was up to. Yes, a wife.

I felt proud that I could still blog and the fact that I still have a blog. Well, that proud feeling only lasted a while, right after I saw the date I last posted. It was almost a year ago. And guess what? I now have a almost 5-month-old baby. I'll skip all the details about my pregnancy and the experiences I had during labour. A known fact to all that it wasn't easy but i kept telling myself it was Jihad and pray that Allah eases all things. He did and was so thankful for that.

My sweettiee cuttiieee pie. See him and you'll fall in love with him. His eyes shine when he smiles, flaunting his dimple on his chubby cheeks. Make him laugh and you'll see his shiny gums accompanied with contagious chuckles. Weighing a good 8kg now, he absolutely loves to be carried around not sparing any of our bones and muscles. After my mother, I swear his the next best gift God has given me. Alhamdulillah, all praises be to him.

Yes, this post basically tells what I was up to after being a wife. Yes, a mother. And so I wonder, is my blog now gonna be a yearly affair thingy? wallahualam...

Check out my cutie pie. Adorable isn't he?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Peace be upon you

Assalamualaikum ~ Peace be upon you.

After a very very long hiatus (last post was in 2009), I am finally making this blog up and running again.

I started this blog way back in Year 2004. I have my little fair share of readers (known and unknown) and over the years the numbers of visitiors keep declining untill I believe that my blog is as good as dead. All the posts were accounts throughout my teenage life or I personally prefer to call "young adult" life. I see how I change in terms of the way I think, the way I look, the things I like and even the way I write.

Oh man, how time flies. I can't even believe that was me. And guess what, I'm now a WIFE. A full-fledged wifey =)

Initially, before restarting the blog up again, I decided to delete all my past posts. Not that I were ashamed of it but they were my past and my past is irrelevant now but then again, I thought, they were a part of me. My past contributed to how I am now so I finally decided to put all my past posts on draft. I will probably publish some of my past post just to reminisce those quirky accounts of my life when I was younger. I think its going to be interesting looking back on how I were.

Shall stop here for now.

Update: 28.01.14
I believe I should at least post a wedding photo of mine. This candid shot of us were taken by a cousin of mine.I simply love how suave my husband look in this picture and of course how obviously happy I looked too despite the fact that we actually wore a bright pink outfit!
This photo shall always be kept as momento that stores part of this dainty memory of mine...